Xtreme Projects 24 HR Emergency Spill Response

PE Office: +27 041 582 2211

PE Emergency: +27 082 828 6762

Oil Spill Response Unit

Oil Spill Response Unit

Oil Spill Response Unit

Xtreme Projects Containers

Xtreme Projects Containers

Xtreme Projects Oil Spill Response Unit offers a unique operational design, which can accommodate any type of Hydrocarbon or Chemical spill. The concept of the Oil Spill Response Unit allows Xtreme Projects to manufacture the container to your required specifications, in order to clean up and contain a spill which has occurred in any area around the world.

The container can be manufactured to the clients’ specifications within one week of the order being placed. The equipment used in the container depends on what is needed on site for the initial clean up. The client will receive a list of items in which they can choose what the container is required to contain in order to clean up the contaminated area.

Container types and adjustments available:

  • Containers can be changed to suit client requirements.
  • Containers can be changed into a decontamination unit.
  • Chemical store or Paint store and Work Shop.
  • Containers are adjusted to fit an FRC (Fast Recovery Craft).
  • Containers can be changed into a wash bay or drip tray decontamination unit.
Marine Response

Xtreme Projects Marine Division amounts to 24 years of sea experience, varying from Merchant Navy to Rigid Inflatables.

Spill Response

Xtreme Projects responds 24/7 to all oil, gas and hazardous materials spilled on land and sea.

Spill Kits

Xtreme Projects offers a variety of spill kits from standard issue hydrocarbon spill kits, chemical spill kits to acid spill kits.

Waste Management

Xtreme Projects has a large fleet of trucks including 2 Super Sucker Trucks, 2 Skip Trucks, 6m3 skip bins and a Crane Truck.