Xtreme Projects 24 HR Emergency Spill Response

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Spill Kits

Xtreme Projects Spill Kits

Xtreme Projects Spill Kits

Xtreme Projects offers a variety of spill kits from standard issue hydrocarbon spill kits, chemical spill kits to acid spill kits, which are placed around the workplace and used for emergency response to small scale spills. 

Customised spill kits can also be made to your own specifications to meet your own site requirements and industry needs. Smaller spill kits can also be placed in vans and trucks for vehicle spills during transportation and deliveries.

240 Litre Spill Kit Hydrocarbon   240L Acid Wheelie Bin Spill Kit 42 Litre Hydrocarbon
1240L Wheelie Bin1240L Wheelie Bin42L Black Box
 1 Spill Kit Sticker 1 Spill Kit Sticker Spill Kit Sticker
 4 50 Litre Spill Sorb Tube 2 50 Litre Spill Sorb Tube 30 Litre Spill Sorb Tube
 5 Absorbent Pads 1 20L Acid CarbAbsorbent Pads 
 2 2m x 75mm Spill Boom 5 Absorbent Pads 1m x 75mm Spill Boom 
 1 Anti Spark Shovel 2 2m x 75mm Spill BoomPan & Brush Set
 1 Anti Spark Broom 1 Anti Spark Shovel7 Steps "when a spill occurs"
 6 Red Emergency Seal (5 extra in kit) 1 Anti Spark BroomP. P. E. Pack contains:
 1 7 Steps "when a spill occurs" 6 Red Emergency Seal (5 extra in kit)PVC Glove
1P. P. E. Pack contains17 Steps "when a spill occurs"Anti Mist Goggle
1PVC Glove1P. P. E. Pack containing:Dust Mask
1Anti Mist Goggle1PVC GloveDisposable bag
1Dust Mask1Anti Mist Goggle  
1Disposable bag1Dust Mask  
  1Disposable bag  
42 Litre Acid Spill KitDrawstring Bag Spill KitACID Drawstring Bag Spill Kit
142L Black Box1Orange Drawstring Bag1Orange Drawstring Bag
1Spill Kit Sticker130 Litre Spill Sorb Tube130 Litre Spill Sorb Tube
130 Litre Spill Sorb Tube5Absorbent Pads110L Acid Carb
110L Acid Carb11m x 75mm Spill Boom5Absorbent Pads
5Absorbent Pads1Pan & Brush Set11m x 75mm Spill Boom
11m x 75mm Spill Boom17 Steps "when a spill occurs"1Pan & Brush Set
1Pan & Brush Set1P. P. E. Pack contains:17 Steps "when a spill occurs"
17 Steps "when a spill occurs"1PVC Glove1P. P. E. Pack contains:
1P. P. E. Pack contains:1Anti Mist Goggle1PVC Glove
1PVC Glove1Dust Mask1Anti Mist Goggle
1Anti-Mist Goggle1Disposable bag1Dust Mask
1Dust Mask  1Disposable bag
1Disposable bag    


Xtreme Projects offers a wide range of products to aid in spill clean ups or spill prevention, such as:

  • 30L Spill Absorbent
  • 50L Spill Absorbent
  • 150L spill absorbent
  • Contained absorbents
  • Absorbent pillows
  • Absorbent pads for  hydrocarbon & Chemicals
  • 25L Degreaser – X carb
  • Anti Spark shovel
  • Anti-spark deck scrub broom
  • Brush & Dustpan sets
  • Rags
  • PPE
  • Drawstring bags logo & no logo
  • Empty wheelie/waste bins – logo / no logo - 80l, 120l, 240l, 660l, 1100
  • Stickers for waste classification/recycling/waste separation etc.


Marine Response

Xtreme Projects Marine Division amounts to 24 years of sea experience, varying from Merchant Navy to Rigid Inflatables.

Spill Response

Xtreme Projects responds 24/7 to all oil, gas and hazardous materials spilled on land and sea.

Spill Kits

Xtreme Projects offers a variety of spill kits from standard issue hydrocarbon spill kits, chemical spill kits to acid spill kits.

Waste Management

Xtreme Projects has a large fleet of trucks including 2 Super Sucker Trucks, 2 Skip Trucks, 6m3 skip bins and a Crane Truck.