Xtreme Projects 24 HR Emergency Spill Response

PE Office: +27 041 582 2211

PE Emergency: +27 082 828 6762

Equipment and Vessels

Hercules Aluminium Barge

Hercules Aluminium Barge

Xtreme Rubber Ducks

Xtreme Rubber Ducks

Xtreme Projects has a broad range of equipment such as mobile pumps ranging from 1 inch to 3 inch, mobile compressors, mobile generators, a fire tender, submersible pumps, pipes and other industrial equipment - all suitable for any job which includes:

  • Avant and a side by side off road ATV forklift 2.5 ton/ 5 ton. 
  • Diesel Bowser, 9000I bunded tanks.
  • 6m3 liquid tanks. 

We also provide vessel leasing which can be hired in aid to help with spill cleanups, with the following vessels available: 

  • 6.58m, 7m and 8.5m rubber ducks.
  • Hercules aluminium barge used for OPL and marine work.

Sewer Jet Machine

The Sewer Jet Machine may be parked adjacent to the manhole or more conveniently, a reasonable distance away. An upper manhole hose guide both directs and protects the hose as it enters the manhole. A second lower hose guide at the junction of manhole and sewer performs the same function. The hose, with its chosen nozzle or chain flail, is lowered directly into the sewer, thereafter moving upstream by means of the high-velocity water retro jetting off the pipe wall. At the same time its central water jet (if fitted), sprays forwards, breaking up deposits in front of the hose.When the hose is withdrawn, the rear water jets scour the sewer walls washing the debris down the line. Heavier material is drawn back to the manhole. This process is repeated until the pipe is cleaned to its original condition. All in all – a highly efficient, time and labour – saving operation.

Marine Response

Xtreme Projects Marine Division amounts to 24 years of sea experience, varying from Merchant Navy to Rigid Inflatables.

Spill Response

Xtreme Projects responds 24/7 to all oil, gas and hazardous materials spilled on land and sea.

Spill Kits

Xtreme Projects offers a variety of spill kits from standard issue hydrocarbon spill kits, chemical spill kits to acid spill kits.

Waste Management

Xtreme Projects has a large fleet of trucks including 2 Super Sucker Trucks, 2 Skip Trucks, 6m3 skip bins and a Crane Truck.